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On holiday in Scotland for Christmas or New Year?

Like to learn the basic well known dances such as the Virginia Reel, the Waves of Tory, the Gay Gordons and the Canadian Barn Dance?

We will teach you these dances done at every Scottish dinner dance or wedding & at British Barn Dances in the UK.


Once you learn these easy dances you will be able to have fun and join in anywhere in the world where a Scottish Ceilidh is happening.

  • Have some fun at our Monthly social dances in Northern Ireland.
  • Join the locals at the summer ceilidhs when on holiday in Scotland.
  • Pack your dancing shoes and try dances in Canada (Ceilidh dancing in Vancouver) and as far away as New Zealand or Japan.

The Learn Ceilidh course lasts for 6 weeks (5 weeks of learning & a final party night.).

Help and advice for complete beginners.

The Learn Ceilidh programme is for complete beginners in Scottish Dancing - no complicated steps or costumes. Just good fun and a few hundred calories lost from the hips & tummy.

A pair of flat shoes / thin soled trainers is all you need to get started.

Why do it?
  • Get dancing again with other adults.
  • Get fit.
  • No equipment or special clothes to buy.
  • Something to do and somewhere to go at the weekend with family, partner or friends.
Health benefits.
  • Burn at least 600 calories in 1 session.
  • Improve you health and release endorphins which reduce stress and promote better sleep - we guarantee it.
  • Add an all round form of exercise to your fitness regieme to tone and lose weight.

Ceilidh dancing is suitable for people who are currently unfit as you can move as fast or as slow as you want, even sit out if you wish.

Advice for people with disabilities

You control your participation in the dance so if you have asthma, diabetes, or other condition you will be made welcome. Improving all round fitness often helps the management of specific conditions.

Let's do it!

Classes are held in community halls or dance studios.

See our Scottish Ceilidhs and Events calendar for what's on.

What can I do next?

If you wish to progress to a bigger range of dances which include steps and formations there is the 10 week Introduction to Scottish Country Dancing.
This is also suitable for people who have some Scottish dance experience and want to improve their understanding and performance.

Further Information.
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Linda: 07837 868 681

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Linda: Linda@LearnCeilidh.co.uk
Colin: Colin@LearnCeilidh.co.uk

By browser (web):
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